Casting work

We create unique cast objects. Artistic iron castings are not offered to the same degree by any other foundry in Germany. But, see below for an overview of our casting services.

We cast

Industrial applications

In industry and architecture, castings are vital to the manufacture of a wide range of products. Our castings are used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, construction and electronics. Complex machine parts, engine blocks, building support parts, facade elements and electronic equipment housings are just a few examples of products that we produce to a high quality using our casting processes. Cost-efficiently produce complex moulds for the industrial manufacture of products using our casting processes.

Artistic works

In addition to industrial applications, our castings have a firm place in the art world. Artists can use our casting processes to create sculptures, statues and works of art in a wide variety of shapes and materials. In bronze, aluminium, brass and iron, we turn the idea of impressive works of art into reality. With generations of experience and excellent expertise, our castings not only convey aesthetic beauty, but are also an example of cultural and artistic diversity.

Conservation and restoration

Castings are also an important part of preserving cultural diversity in the field of heritage conservation and restoration of historic buildings and monuments. When original parts are damaged or missing, they can be replaced with precise cast replicas to preserve the integrity and authenticity of the structures, and avoid complete reconstruction.

Innovation and research

Innovative materials and technologies have always influenced the world of casting. Advances in alloy development, casting technology and modelling have improved the efficiency and quality of castings. Additive manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing open up new possibilities for precise and complex castings.

Our procedures