Dear sister of bronze

4500 years ago, during the Bronze Age, people learned to distinguish brass from other copper alloys. Since then, the history of this remarkable material began. Nowadays, brass is a diverse family of copper alloys alloyed with zinc and various additives to impart different properties. Aluminum, silicon, lead influence casting properties, manganese enhances corrosion resistance, and so on. But the most important element that has shaped the history of brass over centuries is zinc. This is because zinc significantly changes the color and tone of brass. Here, for example, is a color palette: gold-colored - light gold - gold - dark gold. This interesting range of golden tones and shades occurs when the zinc content in brass varies between 6% and 40%. Naturally, this could not leave the development of the history and glorious heritage of this material unaffected. The ancient Romans highly valued these properties and called it "aurichalcum" - golden copper, and they used it for minting coins. It is interesting that in German, there is the word "Latun," whose etymology points to the Latin "latton-corona," indicating to us on the historical path the elitism and value of this material.

Over the millennia, people have explored all the properties of this wonderful material, and today we can use this alloy in all areas of technology, with worldwide production reaching millions of tons. Hundreds of different specialty grades have been developed. Modern brass alloys machine well, they are easily formable, and there is a whole family of casting brasses that work both in the sea and on land, in the air, and underwater. They still share an important characteristic - natural beauty and the ability to bring us all sincere aesthetic pleasure.

While preserving centuries-old traditions, we in Lauchhammer utilize the latest knowledge, advanced technology, and working methods for the production of brass casting objects.

By approaching each product individually, we unveil the entire beauty and aesthetics of this alloy - the uniqueness of the material, the differences in character, and the individuality of a very close but still so special and unique - our beloved sister of bronze.