Unique Masterpieces or Serial Precision

The symbiosis of architecture and castings

We develop your architectural project together with you. Whether facade design, historic renovation, replicas, everyday items and furnishings or street furniture - we support you competently, reliably and professionally.

Elements for architectural art casting

For example:

Facade elements

Enliven building facades with artful facade elements that lend character and individuality.

Bollards & Posts

Bollards and posts not only serve a functional purpose or monument protection, but also set striking design accents.

Railing elements & railings

Combine safety with aesthetic appeal through our custom-made railing elements and railings.


Imbue projects with timeless elegance through our impressive columns.


Create inviting outdoor spaces with our artfully designed benches that unite comfort and style.


Our artistic fountains are true eye-catchers that not only provide water but also inspire.

Individual Solutions

Every architectural project is unique. Our tailored casting solutions adapt to your specific requirements and bring your design concepts to life. From decorative details to functional elements - we translate your ideas into high-quality cast works.

Diverse materials

Our expertise spans a wide range of casting materials such as cast iron, aluminum, bronze, and more. This versatility allows us to consider both aesthetic and practical aspects of your designs.

Precision and craftsmanship

Our experienced casters and technicians are masters of their craft. Every piece that leaves our workshop bears witness to artisanal precision and the highest quality down to the smallest detail.

Creative partnership

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our team works closely with you to understand your vision and seamlessly integrate it into the casting works. Your vision remains the linchpin of our creative process.

Timely Implementation

We know that adhering to deadlines is essential. Thanks to our efficient workflow, we can implement your projects on schedule without compromising quality.

Environmentally friendly solutions

As a responsible company, we value environmentally conscious approaches. Our casting processes are geared towards conserving resources and minimizing waste, without compromising quality.

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Our long-standing expertise in art casting enables us to transform your creative concepts into handcrafted masterpieces. We understand the uniqueness of every project and offer individual solutions that bring your visions to fruition. Our collaboration with architects and planners is marked by professionalism, creativity, and a high quality standard.

We invite you to share your architectural ideas with us. Contact us today to receive a personalized consultation and a tailored offer.