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Traditional Art and Timeless Design in Iron, Bronze, and More

Iron as a material for sculptors & designers - the collaborative development of unique art and design objects has a long tradition with us. Our expertise in the field of art casting is unparalleled, and we are proud to offer you a range of iron castings that achieve uniqueness in Germany. But we also masterfully create cast objects in bronze and other metals.

From the idea to the model to the finished cast object, we accompany you at every stage of the creative process. We understand the importance of every nuance and shape you wish to express in your artwork. Our experienced master casters use their craft to bring your vision to life.


Objects of art casting

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Iron Art Casting

Iron, as a robust and expressive material, opens up unique design possibilities for you. Our iron casting masters bring years of experience and dedication to every project.

Casting in other metals

In addition to iron, we also master the art of bronze casting and other metals. We will help you select the perfect metal for your project and transform it into an impressive sculpture or design object.

Large and small sculptures

Regardless of the size of your idea, we can create impressive large and detailed small sculptures. Each work is carefully cast and finished to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Design objects

Our casting artistry extends beyond the boundaries of art into the design world. Whether they are functional design objects or decorative elements, we create unique pieces that express your vision.

Individual products

We understand that every project is unique. Our tailor-made casting solutions enable you to implement your creative ideas to the smallest detail.

Gallery exhibition

A work of art is not only the physical object, but also the story and inspiration behind it. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to exhibit your cast object in our gallery. This gives your works an additional stage to connect with the world.


Example works for artists & designers

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Join an inspired community of outstanding artists and visionary designers who have already benefited from our first-class casting artistry to transform their ideas into tangible masterpieces. Whether you are designing an imposing large sculpture, breathing life into an exquisite design object, or creating a bespoke product - our expertise and dedication will help you realize your artistic vision down to the smallest detail.

With a team of experienced casting masters who command the secrets and subtleties of the casting process, we offer you a partnership that transcends the traditional foundry. We take pride not merely in creating objects but in narrating stories – stories of passion, creativity, and devotion. If you choose to exhibit your artwork in our gallery, we open it up to another dimension where it can engage in dialogue with a broader audience.

Contact us today to embark on the exciting journey toward your unique cast object.