Street furniture and design of public space

Casting services for municipalities

Discover the comprehensive casting services tailored specifically to the needs of municipalities. With strong expertise in urban planning, street furniture, heritage conservation and more, we are your trusted partner for the redesign, maintenance and reconstruction of public spaces.

Street furniture

Our diverse range of street furniture casting services includes the production of high-quality elements that enhance the urban landscape. From majestic candelabras and impressive columns to functional bollards, stylish benches and robust posts, our design solutions help to shape the appearance of your city.

Monuments and reliefs

We preserve and reconstruct historic treasures with our expertise in heritage conservation and relief creation. We specialise in preserving the charm of listed properties or creating new reliefs that tell the story of your community.

Large and small sculptures

From imposing large-scale sculptures to ornate small-scale sculptures, our artisans transform your visions into impressive cast works of art. These works of art help to enrich your city's cultural heritage and beautify the cityscape.

Care and reconstruction

The loving care and precise reconstruction of listed objects require sensitivity and expertise. Our professionals are passionate about preserving the authenticity while ensuring the longevity of these objects.

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With Kunstgiesserei Lauchhammer, you choose a partner who uses advanced casting techniques to create products of the highest quality and durability. Our dedication to art, history and the design of public space drives us to achieve outstanding results.

Through our casting services, we help improve your city's aesthetics, promote culture and make public space an inspiring place for all citizens. Contact us today to discuss your projects - for a vibrant and welcoming environment for your community.