Additional services

From gilding to assembly

Our extended range of services for castings, model making and restoration

You need a new gilding? Do you need professional support for sandblasting work? We can help you with additional services related to casting - also available individually.


Brilliant accents for your works
Whether it is a matter of giving antique pieces of furniture a new shine or adding noble details to sculptures - our professional gilding gives your objects a majestic appearance. With precision and dedication, we ensure that your works shine in a unique light.


Cleanliness in every corner
For thorough cleaning and preparation of surfaces, we offer competent sandblasting services. Whether rust, paint residues or dirt - our team removes all traces of time and optimally prepares the substrate for further processing.


through certification and metal analysis
We understand the importance of quality and offer you not only craftsmanship expertise, but also comprehensive metal analysis, laboratory and certification. Rely on our expertise to ensure your works meet the highest standards.

A wide range of possibilities with our additional services

In addition to our core competencies in casting, model making and restoration, you can benefit from a wide range of other services:

Welding work

Precise connections for stable results.


Give your projects the colouring and surface quality you want.


Set personal accents with detailed engravings.


First impressions of your ideas within reach.


Professional assembly of components, as well as transport and installation for a completed end product.

Your partner for exceptional works of art
Whether you require gilding, sandblasting or one of the many other services we offer, we pride ourselves on turning your visions into excellent results. Our dedicated team looks forward to bringing your creative projects to life. Contact us today to bring your ideas to life!