Excellent restoration and reconstruction of cast objects

Your partner for monument protection and maintenance

The restoration and reconstruction of cast objects is one of our specialities. In addition to expert advice on materials and surface design, the Kunstgießerei is also an experienced contact in the field of monument protection, renovation and restoration, including appraisal and damage assessment.


Restoration and reconstruction

Our experienced restorers specialise in the loving restoration of cast objects. Whether it's ornate sculptures, historic building elements or monuments, we use our extensive expertise to restore the objects' original beauty and integrity. From repairs to elaborate reconstructions - we transform damaged objects into true masterpieces.

Historic preservation and renovation

Our art foundry prides itself on being an expert partner in the field of heritage conservation, refurbishment and restoration. We offer sound advice, appraisal and damage assessment to ensure a tailored approach to each project. We understand the importance of cultural heritage conservation and use our expertise to preserve historic properties for future generations.


Care and maintenance

In addition to our expertise in restoration and reconstruction, we also offer comprehensive care and maintenance services. From professional cleaning to regular care and maintenance - we ensure that your cast objects remain in top condition. Our services also include graffiti protection to effectively prevent unwanted marks.

Your trusted partner

With a passion for art, history and craftsmanship, we are your trusted partners in the care and restoration of cast objects. Our experts combine traditional techniques with modern know-how to achieve exceptional results.

We are your leading contact for high-quality restorations and reconstructions of cast objects. With a proven expertise in materials, finishes and heritage conservation, we offer a full range of services to preserve historic treasures and maintain their splendour for generations to come. Contact us to learn more about our services.