Anna Franziska Schwarzbach

Art Casting - Work Show: Moritzburg Art Museum - 2022

Anna Franziska Schwarzbach is a renowned sculptor whose work explores the boundaries of art. Her sculptures combine masterful craftsmanship with a deep emotional resonance. Her iron sculptures are an impressive testament to her artistic vision and craftsmanship excellence. In close cooperation with the Kunstgießerei Lauchhammer, Schwarzbach creates impressive works that redefine the limits of iron as a material.

Anna Franziska Schwarzbach's iron sculptures are more than just works of art; they are an expression of her intense engagement with the materiality of metal. Each sculpture seems to tell its own story, inviting the viewer to enter a dialogue with the artwork. The combination of Schwarzbach's artistic sensibility and the craftsmanship-excellence of the Kunstgießerei, result in artworks that impressively demonstrate the fusion of art-and-craft.

Throughout her career, the sculptor has received numerous awards, and her works can be admired in international galleries and museums. Anna Franziska Schwarzbach remains a remarkable artist whose art has the power to evoke emotions, tell stories, and constantly push the boundaries of sculpture.