Fortuna Fountain

Restoration – Freiberg – 2018

In 2018, we were allowed to restore a treasured landmark in Freiberg - the Fortuna Fountain.

For Freiberg's 800th anniversary, acclaimed sculptor Bernd Göbel created an impressive work of art, the "Fortunabrunnen", which found its place in the picturesque Petersstraße. This work of art uniquely combines tradition and modernity and is a striking focal point for locals and visitors alike.

The main figure of the fountain is the beautiful goddess of fortune Fortuna, enthroned on a tree of life leaning towards a putto. Fortune splashes into the fountain from her cornucopia, and it seems as if Fortuna is sitting in thoughtful discourse with the child on the tree. This scene conveys a message of hope and happiness to viewers, translating the history and heritage of the city of Freiberg into a contemporary work of art.

This masterpiece is sure to inspire and delight many generations of people to come.