Luther monument

Art casting - Worms - 1868

In 1868, the Lauchhammer Art Foundry achieved a magnificent work of craftsmanship that continues to receive worldwide recognition today - the Luther Monument in Worms. This monumental work of art not only serves as a testament to the long tradition and expertise of our foundry but also represents a significant turning point in our history.

The Luther Monument, located in the picturesque city of Worms, honors the great reformer Martin Luther. It was cast by the Lauchhammer Art Foundry with precision craftsmanship and dedication. The attention to detail and outstanding skill of our artisans have elevated this monument to a masterpiece.

The Luther Monument not only attracts historians and art enthusiasts from around the world but also serves as a source of inspiration for future generations of artists and casters. It symbolizes the connection between history and art, tradition and innovation.

We proudly have this legendary memorial as part of our company's history, underscoring the quality and reputation of our work worldwide. The Luther Monument in Worms is more than an impressive memorial; it also demonstrates the timeless beauty and elegance of the art of casting.

It reminds us that artistry and craft can shape history and impact the world. Monuments like Luther's continually motivate us to carry on traditions of excellence and forge timeless masterpieces.