Mendelssohn monument

Reconstruction of the Mendelssohn monument — 2008 — Leipzig

Amidst the cultural splendor of Leipzig, the striking Mendelssohn Monument stands in front of the venerable St. Thomas Church. This majestic monument pays homage to the renowned composer and conductor Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, who had a close association with the city of Leipzig, particularly with the "St. Thomas Church".

The monument, originally unveiled in 1892 and later destroyed during World War II, now shines in all its glory thanks to the decision to rebuild it made by Wolfgang Tiefensee and Kurt Masur. This reconstruction followed a meticulous restoration and rebuilding effort led by Christian Schulze in 2008.

Felix Mendelssohn was not only a gifted pianist, but also a brilliant composer, responsible for creating some of the most beautiful musical works of the Romantic era. "St. Thomas Church" itself was his creative sanctuary when he served there as Thomaskantor. Under his leadership, the world-famous Thomanerchor was established, and the performance of Johann Sebastian Bach's works was revived.

The Mendelssohn Monument symbolizes not only Leipzig's appreciation for its musical son but also serves as a reminder of how music and art can touch people's hearts. It attracts music enthusiasts and tourists from around the world and stands as an integral part of Leipzig's cultural heritage.

Visit this impressive monument to experience the musical magic and enduring devotion to the arts that bind Mendelssohn and Leipzig together.