Rainer Hunold

Kunstguss - AL23 - 2022

Rainer Hunold is not only a talented actor, but also a successful sculptor. For many years he has devoted himself passionately to the art of sculpture. Hunold's works are characterised by their expressiveness and aesthetics.

In his sculptures, Hunold skilfully combines different materials and forms. He plays with contrasts and thus creates fascinating works of art that captivate the viewer. The artist attaches great importance to details and works precisely to breathe life into his works.

Hunold draws inspiration from nature, the human figure and abstract forms. His sculptures often embody emotions and express human conditions. Each work tells its own story and is thought-provoking.

Despite his successful acting career, Hunold always finds time for his sculptural work. His sculptures can be admired in various galleries and exhibitions and regularly earn great recognition.

Rainer Hunold's talent as a sculptor is further proof of his artistic versatility. His sculptures enrich the art scene and inspire art lovers worldwide.