Corten steel

The development of design and architecture, as well as the shaping of urban spaces with infrastructure elements and structures, inspires architects, sculptors, and engineers to seek new materials and find unexpected solutions. CORTEN is a special example of the results of years of work in creating a special steel capable of protecting itself from corrosion by forming an original, beautiful, velvety patina with a distinctive appearance.

Engineers have long sought a chemical composition that can offer a unique combination of strength properties and corrosion protection. After extensive efforts, the goal was achieved - high corrosion resistance and mechanical properties were obtained! As a sign of this success, this result was encrypted in the name itself - CORTEN. The English acronym stands for "CORrosion resistance and hi TENsile properties." The history of the search was not easy. It took a long time to conduct the entire testing complex, and it turned out that the patina becomes denser over time but does not penetrate deeply and does not destroy the product. Over time, the natural oxide layer develops a richer palette of colors and shades, resembling a panel with playful fine patterns and micro-scenes. Such a unique phenomenon is appreciated when examining the surface up close in small sculptures and gives large art objects a wonderful appearance.

Overall, this material has proven to be very successful, and many varieties have been developed for various application conditions. CORTEN has been used as a construction material in engineering and construction for many decades. However, it has achieved particular success in architecture, facade design, and sculpture!

We rightly value the strength of this steel and the beauty of its patina, creating artworks from this material by developing experience in creating different forms and experimenting with the surface.