Stainless steel

Beautiful, pliable yet very robust, flexible and strong, smooth with a unique shine and colour, resistant to acids and alkalis, imperishable under atmospheric conditions - austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel - the queen of steels!

The secret of its longevity lies in the unique property of this wonderful material to protect itself from external negative influences. Under the influence of the environment, it forms a thin, chemically complex but very strong and protective layer on its surface, similar to a skin, which does not allow harmful substances to penetrate. Even in the event of mechanical damage to this protective barrier, it can restore itself! Already the great Michael Faraday discovered remarkable properties of corrosion resistance in his first experiments with iron-chromium alloys. At the time, this was truly a marvellous breakthrough in steel metallurgy! It took about a century for the ingenious German engineers to obtain the first industrially produced austenitic stainless corrosion-resistant steel.

It has lived with us ever since. Over time, people have come to know it so well and become so accustomed to it that the life of modern human civilisation is unthinkable without our trusted stainless material. Hundreds of different brands and compositions have been developed for various applications. Spacecraft, construction and architecture, medicine, food industry, household items, all kinds of industry, all kinds of transport, energy - this is just the beginning of an endless list where this noble material has taken its honourable place. And already today, it has light-footedly entered the world of art. World-renowned masters have created outstanding sculptures for the benefit of humanity!