The scaling process of cast objects

Our process at a glance

The production of scaled-down or enlarged sculptures - i.e. scaled cast objects - is a customer request that is often in demand. Thanks to digital techniques such as 3D scanning, 3D modelling, CNC milling in planning and model making, precise, detailed scaled copies can be created. Benefit from our many years of experience in this field - whether you provide your own template or choose from our mould archive.

We create reduced/enlarged copies according to your specifications.

Special features of scaling

Our approach to scaling cast objects takes into account the uniqueness of each artwork. We understand that it's not just about size, but also about preserving aesthetic integrity and fine detail. Our technicians combine technical precision with creative sensibility to ensure that the scaled cast object captures the artist's original vision.

Before the start

Your considerations

Before starting the scaling process, we take the time to understand your requirements in detail. Our experts take the following into account:

Proportions and aesthetics

We take care to match the proportions of the original to the desired size, while preserving the aesthetic appeal.


Depending on the material for the casting, we take into account possible scaling challenges to ensure high-quality results.

Level of detail

Preserving fine details is important to us. Together we decide which elements should be emphasised.

Technical feasibility

We check the technical feasibility, especially for complex sculptures, in order to achieve an optimal result.

Our process up to the finished scaled casting object


We start with a precise analysis of your original object. Using the latest 3D scanning technology, we create an accurate digital template.


The digital template is processed in professional 3D modelling software. Here we adjust proportions, refine details and ensure a harmonious fit.


With great care we scale the model according to your specifications. In doing so, we take care to preserve the original beauty.

Material selection

Depending on your choice of casting material, we make the appropriate selection to achieve the best results.

Casting process

Our experienced professionals carry out the casting to create a high quality scaled casting.


After casting, we take care of finishing touches such as removing impurities, smoothing surfaces and emphasising details.

Rely on our expertise to turn your idea of scaled cast art into reality. With our years of experience and commitment to the highest quality, we bring your creative visions to life.